yourstuff boxd the stuff search engine

how does this all work?

in brief:

Find something you need that is given away for free, find a nearby zipvan or available man and van to transport it, and sort it out in a few clicks.


We are first and foremost a search engine. We gather useful information together onto a map so you can easily find things in your local area.

We have discovered over half a million free items since launch - and you can find those in your local area on the map under the free section. But our map also shows all ZipVan locations in the country so you can easily arrange a collection, and we are working to add more useful points of interest.

Search for services and stuff in your local area, include key words, or just browse locally, it's all in your control.

Also, you can post your free items you no longer need. Another user will find it and arrange to pick it up. You can share your spare space, garages and car parking spots and make some extra cash. These are then avaliable to be found on the map by our user community and brings services closer to people who need them.


Chatting to other users is very easy with this service. You will get an email notification if another user is trying to chat with you, and you can go and respond on the things that matter to you both, all this while protecting your online presence. You can share as much contact details as you want, please refer to our terms and conditions or safety tips

the future:

We are working hard every day to add more options to our service. We plan to add man and van services and quotations right into your other services, should you need them. And we are always looking for new suggestions as to what else you would like to search for on our map.

Please email us on the address below and someone on the team will get back to you!